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  • Smile Design
  • Smile Design
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Smile Design

$1,000 MXN 1

  • Improve the position and alignment of your smile
  • Change color, size and shape of your teeth
  • Tailored design
  • We use e-max™ venners for the best quality
  • Soundless electric equipment
  • One-year guarantee 2
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Dental veneers are the best option for those who want an extreme smile make over. It is a very conservative procedure, with only a small reduction of the enamel which will be compensated with the porcelain veneer. The lifetime is up to 15 years without losing any color, strength and brightness.

  1. Price for the veneers design. Final cost of treatment may vary from patient to patient.
  2. Valid when you follow all our indications and follow consultations.