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Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta

Lead by Doctor Arturo Pereyra, Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta offers professional care, and innovative digital techniques for procedures of aesthetic, conservative, and reconstructive dentistry with same-day restorations.

Dr. Arturo Pereyra, Dental Surgeon

Puerto Vallarta Dentists

Our team is fluent in English and Spanish to serve both local and foreign patients seeking top-notch dental care in Puerto Vallarta. The smile of your dreams awaits you in fewer appointments than you thought.

Puerto Vallarta Dentists

Dental Services & Treatments

Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta provides top-notch modern dental services specialized in smile design and endodontics. Same-day crowns and veneers are available. We want to see you smile!

Dental Implants

Minimally invasive techniques and advanced technology to replace missing teeth
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Dental Veneers

The easiest and fastest way to give your smile an extreme makeover
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Orthodontic Treatments

Transform your smile: aligned teeth for renewed confidence
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We work with the world's most innovative brands

Happy Patients at Dental Solutions

I have been to Dental Solutions twice now in the last few years. I am here to say that everything was top notch and done as well or better than any American dentist I have ever visited!

May 1, 2024

Not convinced yet? Take it from our patients.

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