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Smile Design

The smile of your dreams, on fewer appointments than you thought!

An extreme smile makeover

Smile design, is an option for those who want an extreme smile makeover, either because of stained, chipped, or misshapen teeth.

Considering each patient’s needs and natural facial form, skin color, and structure, we design a change in the teeth’ color, size, shape, and position.

Tailored design
A comprehensive process to create a fitting smile just for you
Natural appearance
Aesthetically pleasing and lifelike appearance
Quality materials
We use lithium disilicate glass-ceramic e-max™ veneers
One-year guarantee
If required, after indications and follow-up on consultations

What to expect

Most frequently asked questions and recommendations about this procedure.

First appointment

Your doctor will make a revision of your teeth in a consultation. In this first state, he will prepare the impressions and photographs.

Second appointment

The doctor prepares a design. To see if it meets your expectation, we show and test the design.


In this phase, we perform the best procedure to change your mouth’s aesthetic, such as Zoom Whitening, fillings, or veneers.