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Orthodontic Treatments

Transform your smile: aligned teeth for renewed confidence


Orthodontic treatments are dental procedures focused on correcting the position of teeth and jaw alignment. The results are both functional and aesthetic.

Dr. Alejandro Mercado is the orthodontic and maxillofacial orthopedics specialist at our clinic. Dr. Mercado is an Invisalign® Top Doctor Provider, which means he is certified by Invisalign® to treat smiles with “invisible” aligners.

Facial balance restoration
Aligned teeth look more aesthetic, and their position improves the shape of the jaw and lips.
Oral functionality correction
Correcting the bite allows the patient to chew better, and properly aligned teeth are easier to clean.
Greater comfort
Unlike traditional treatments, Invisalign aligners are discreet and removable.
Personalized treatment
According to the patient's needs with custom-made aligners.

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First appointment

Our dentists will review the status of your oral health to make sure there is no presence of gum infection or cavities to attend first. Then they will give you an order for complete orthodontic tests.


In an evaluation appointment, the doctor will determine the best treatment for you, whether traditional fixed braces or removable transparent aligners.

The specialist

The doctor is a member of the Orthodontists' Association of the state of Jalisco and the Mexican and Latin American Orthodontic Associations. He is certified in advanced techniques and systems.

Invisalign treatment

Invisalign's removable aligners are known as "invisible" due to their transparency and comfort reported by patients. Their advanced technology makes them a convenient option for treating all types of cases, including those considered complex.

Other treatments

The doctor also offers traditional services such as teeth correction with braces.

Terms and conditions

  • The price on this page is a base price for the start of the Invisalign treatment, described in Mexican pesos, and includes taxes (IVA). The doctor will determine the required procedures and their type, suggesting to the patient what is best for them. This may produce a variation in the final price of the treatment.
  • The price on this page does not include the consultation and protocolary exams cost.
  • Invisalign, The Invisalign logo, and iTero, among others, are registered trademarks of Align Technology, Inc. and are registered in the United States and other countries.