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Dental Equipment


Aesthetic, conservative, and reconstructive dentistry with same-day restorations are available. CEREC crowns and veneers, delivered from one day to another.

We provide exceptional dental services in Mexico with experience, gentleness, and skill. Our team of qualified doctors utilizes the latest and most advanced techniques in cosmetic and restorative treatments, ensuring outstanding results for our patients.

With our state-of-the-art digital dentistry systems and a modernized clinic, we offer convenient same-day restorations, dental prosthetics, and orthodontic treatments. We specialize in catering to travelers seeking high-quality dental care.

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Orthodontic Treatments

Dr. Alejandro Mercado is an experienced specialist in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics and has recently joined our team. License: 4255672 ┬Ě UDG.

Benefits of Orthodontics include:

  • Restoring the face balance
  • Correcting oral functionality
  • Enhancing facial aesthetics
Invisalign top doctor provider Alejandro Mercado

Orthodontic appliances in Puerto Vallarta

In a consultation, the doctor will determine the best treatment for you, either traditional fixed braces or transparent removable aligners.

Invisalign transparent removable aligners are ideal for most cases. Patients have seen fast results and consider it comfortable.
Dental Braces
Orthodontic devices are used to straighten teeth and correct misalignment issues. (Brackets, wires, and elastic bands).
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