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Tips to prepare for your dental appointment

Are you wondering how to set up a dental appointment? Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier life. Here’s our advice.

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Tips to prepare for your dental appointment

A dental appointment is pertinent to diagnose, prevent and treat illnesses. Oral diseases can affect your systemic health. Therefore, congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier life by taking care of your oral health!

Probably you want to check if everything’s all right, follow your routine dental checkups, or you might have felt discomfort while eating or sleeping. In the context of the global pandemic, there are cases in which our patients have neglected their dental hygiene, but as we have said, (and the American Dental Association has said too), now more than ever, we must prioritize oral health.

A wise decision is not ignoring tooth pain! Especially if you had a trauma or one of your teeth broke. These are considered dental emergencies and must be treated by a dental professional ASAP! How to set up a dental appointment?

Finding a dentist

With the advances of technology, you can easily research online for the dental office that provides what you need even in a different country. Some websites compile lists with doctor contact information, after you’ve chosen your favorite ones, analyze their online presence. When you start planning your trip, you can send a request to book your appointment. Have you thought of traveling to Mexico? Find your dentist in Puerto Vallarta

Request your appointment

Use the channels the office provides you. Either a phone call, e-mail, or chat should work. If you choose to do it online, remember that there are people behind the screen, be polite!

Prepare for your dental appointment

Ask your dentist if you need to bring something with you like X-rays or your mouthguard. If you think you might forget your clinic history, meds you are taking, or previous treatments, you can always write down a list.

Also, physical preparation can help you overcome any fear or anxiousness you may be feeling. Have a good sleep and eat well before heading to your dentist appointment. If you have doubts regarding dental hygiene, ask in advance. Do not try to do further cleaning than you would usually do. Apart from not working that well, you could hurt your gums.

If you are still hesitant about visiting a dentist or feeling anxious about it, we have a tool to help you face dental fear

Even though we are located near the beach, our dental office will require a different outfit than the one you would use to walk on the Malecón. For procedures and long treatments please consider that the air conditioning might make the ambiance chilly, so bring along a light sweater, socks, sneakers, or closed shoes. Under normal conditions, we would provide a small blanket, however, due to Covid-19 protocols, we recommend you bring your own if you think you’ll need it.

When exploring the concept of Dental Tourism, it is important to learn the time required for each of your procedures. Even when the dental work can be arranged in your travel time, consider that you will need to recover and that some vacation activities won’t be possible for you (you must stay out of the sun, you won’t be able to drink alcohol, and you must avoid exertion.

Pro tips

  1. Contact the dental office through their official outlets. This is a way to ensure quality attention, availability, and better pricing or deals.
  2. Commit to your decision to see a dentist. Sometimes, the symptoms disappear, and you feel confident enough to avoid your appointment, but then, the problem may be increasing without you knowing and turning into something worse.
  3. Be open to your dentist’s observation. Probably he has a different idea of how to solve your problem than the one you have in mind.
  4. Be sure to express your thoughts. Your dentist won’t do anything that hurts you or without letting you know in advance.
  5. Finally, leave feedback. If there’s something that made you feel uncomfortable, let your professional know right away.

Aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry 

At Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta, we pride ourselves on offering more value for our patients visiting from another country. Dr. Pereyra is eager to receive you to start thinking about your new smile. Sometimes you might know what you need, or the doctor can suggest a different approach. Only by analyzing your case, he can provide a personalized solution. In the case of dental implants, we offer a 10% discount for the surgical stage for dental appointments 60 days in advance.

Your dentist in Puerto Vallarta awaits! Request an appointment.