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Dental emergencies during the quarantine

When should you look for a dental consultation? Most of the conditions involve infection, pain, or uncontrolled bleeding. Learn more.

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Dental emergencies during the quarantine

Due to the global health emergency, dental health professionals have taken actions and precautions to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus COVID-19 disease. For instance, Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta has attended to the lockdown restrictions, health recommendations, and hygiene procedures. During this global pandemic, dental emergencies have been cared for at all times. Currently, we are providing dental care with an appointment.

So, when should you look for a dental consultation? You should not delay your routine consultations, according to American Dental Association President Chad P. Gehani statements, “Dentistry is essential health care because of its role in evaluating, diagnosing, preventing, or treating oral diseases, which can affect systemic health.” A red flag is when you are suffering from an infection, pain, or uncontrolled bleeding. The American Dental Association has shared a list of the conditions considered dental emergencies. Dr. Arturo Pereyra sums them up in the following symptoms:

  1. There is the presence of severe pain, that neither medicine or a home remedy cant’ control.
  2. You have noticed the increase in facial volume or gum inflammation.
  3. The loss of teeth, cracks in a dental piece, or trauma.
  4. Any sensation or feeling of pain that makes it difficult for you to chew.

If you happen to have one of the symptoms above, you should contact your dental care professional, if you are in Puerto Vallarta send us a message or call to (322) 209 0956.

During this time of self-quarantine, remember to take care of physical health, to stimulate your immune system, taking into account mental health, and to practice good habits to promote dental health. Stay home, stay safe.