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Zoom Whitening

Shine with a new smile!


Professional, effective cleaning and whitening. In-office procedure to improve your enamel brightness.

We use top-notch Philips technology to help you achieve a whiter and better-looking smile.

The Zoom Whitening technique is safe for effective cleaning and quick results.

Custom results
The clearest shade based on your expectations and according to your complexion.
The benefits of the treatment are visible immediately and can last up to a year.
One visit procedure
In-office vs home kit: performed by an expert, more affordable and long-lasting.
Professional result
We recently acquired a more updated Zoom Whitening device.

What to expect from Zoom Whitening


First, the doctor will perform teeth cleaning by removing plaque and stains. Then they will evaluate your teeth shade to help you decide what is convenient for you and what you can achieve. Finally, the doctor will polish your teeth and apply the Zoom Whitening light-accelerated technology over special gels


We are experts in this cleaning and whitening technology. We recently updated the device to a new and modern machine to improve our service.

How many sessions do I need?

With one session, you will see a significant improvement. The duration will depend on the aftercare. We recommend you follow your brushing routine to preserve the look of your smile. Do not use colored mouthwash or toothpaste, as it contains artificial extracts and dyes.

Then you could come back again annually to maintain a good-looking smile.

What should I avoid eating/drinking after teeth whitening?

We suggest avoiding coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, infusions, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco for at least seven days after treatment.

Terms and conditions

  • The cost of the Zoom Whitening treatment does not include teeth cleaning. If required, this service can be quoted separately.
  • The prices shown on this page are in Mexican pesos and include taxes (IVA).