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Recommendations to help you cope with dental anxiety

It’s usual to feel scared or anxious about visiting; here are some recommendations to ease the situation.

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Recommendations to help you cope with dental anxiety

It’s usual to feel scared or anxious about visiting health providers, especially if you are worried about a diagnosis you didn’t expect. One of the most common feelings is dental anxiety; there’s even a term named Odontophobia! However, postponing your dental checkups could worsen your situation.

Do regular visits to ensure oral health

Your dentist will identify and treat on time any dental problems and prevent them from growing. If you have had bad experiences in the past, mention them.

Talking about your feelings is crucial

Talk in advance about your concerns and needs. Communication is your best ally; when you request your appointment, make sure to talk about your anxiety. Once you are with your doctor, share your fears, ask questions, and don’t feel embarrassed to ask for a break if your pain tolerance makes you uncomfortable.

Hacks to ease dental anxiety

  • Listen to music. If you are nervous, it will help you to get distracted.
  • Hold something to have your hands in movement (like squishes or spinners)
  • Imagine your happy place and transport yourself. 
  • Try meditation techniques. Mindfulness is easy to approach with breathing exercises and body scanning.

The last recommendation

Find a dental team that is conscious of your emotional health.

In Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta, every patient receives warm and comprehensive dental care. Dr. Arturo is very proactive and provides individualized, reassuring, and thorough attention; he is also empathetic of his patient’s concerns and will provide solutions.

Take it from our patients! Read about their experience

Carleigh ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After weeks of research of finding the perfect dentist in PV, I found that dr. Arturo Pereyra was the one—by seeing other reviews and just by his quick communication straight off the bat. When I arrived he got me in right away and I felt so at ease (difficult at the dentist) he knew English perfectly and he didn’t make me feel ridiculous about the state of my teeth. He gave me HOPE. I am a panicky patient and his patience with me was absolutely angelic. I have a lot more work to be done but I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

We know the global pandemic changed everyone’s routines, and that this situation may also add nervousness, but Dentistry is essential health care, and you should not delay it. Learn more about Dental Emergencies during Covid-19 restrictions

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