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Dental Tourism in Puerto Vallarta – A United States patient’s experience

Watch this comprehensive video testimonial Larry Zamba recorded and kindly shared it with us, featuring an interview with Dr. Arturo.

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Dental Tourism in Puerto Vallarta – A United States patient’s experience

Mexico is the second destination in the world chosen every year for medical procedure getaways. The same results and more value for the money are some of the benefits of treatments outside the USA or Canada. Although most of the travelers choose Tijuana, Jalisco follows in the number of travelers of Dental Tourism

Our patient’s experience

For those looking for “sun, sand, and surf“, Puerto Vallarta happens to have it all. Well-located hotels and a gorgeous destination to explore are just the extra benefits. Besides, you will find that many health care professionals offer services in all medical fields.

This is what attracted our patient Larry Zamba. He needed several dental restorations, such as three implants, a bridge, a crown, and a veneer replacement; however, as he explains, he felt like saving in this process.

Larry Zamba already had quotations from his local dental offices back at Wisconsin. Afterward, he decided to look for options in a foreign country under the concept of Dental Tourism. That’s how he came across Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta.

This article has two videos recorded by our patient. The first one explains the experience of medical tourism in Mexico. The second one is with the specifics of our patient’s dental work.

Dental treatment testimonial

He sent an email through our official website, and Doctor Arturo Pereyra gave him a diagnosis. After booking his stay, Larry Zamba stayed in town for 4 days and got some of the procedures done by Dr. Pereyra and Dr. Carlos Zarazua, our trusted maxillofacial surgeon. Mr. Larry finished the surgery phase and has to continue his treatment in January. We are looking forward to this visit!

Watch this comprehensive video testimonial he recorded and kindly shared it with us, featuring an interview he made with Dr. Arturo.

Learn all about his experience, the team at our dental clinic, and the technology. We use the CEREC system for the same-day design and manufacture of CEREC crowns and veneers.

Update July 17th, 2021
Our patient, Larry Zamba, returned to continue his treatment. The dental implants had to settle for eight months before the prosthetic phase. After that, Dr. Arturo placed the crowns and bridges.

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For a more harmonious result and to improve the look of his smile, Larry decided to go for nine more crowns in his upper teeth. We worked on these pieces in collaboration with Framatec Dental Lab.

Here’s the final testimonial video with the complete process. Watch for a better understanding of the dental work Larry Zamba had in his experience with Dental Tourism in Puerto Vallarta.

Dental work in Mexico

Larry Zamba’s complete process at Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta

Hopefully, our patient’s experience will enlighten you in the decision-making to have your dental work done in Mexico and to learn how to reach your dentist in Puerto Vallarta.

We will be glad to be part of the process, contact us to start your journey to a better smile!