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Dental Implants in Mexico: everything you need to know

Information about dental implants in Mexico, cost, duration of the procedures and why you might consider us for your next treatment.

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Full denture supported by implants.

This article is for those in a deeper investigation about dental implants in Mexico. In past articles, we have discussed the concept of Dental Tourism and the types of implants and their benefits. These two might help patients who are learning about their diagnosis and options for dental work in Mexico, and we recommend you to visit them.

We will try to answer questions like “how much do dental implants cost?” and “what time do I need for this treatment?”. It would be hard to think of a unique budget and plan since every patient has their needs and every case is different. 

We know from our patients that they save up to 30% in the treatment than the United States and Canada. When you might end investing more because of traveling fees, you would have the chance to discover a new destination, getting more value for your money and spending half than the cost of just the treatment back home.

Dental implants procedure

Let’s review the steps for a single dental implant:

  1. The implant is placed in the jawbone
  2. The abutment is connected
  3. Fabrication of a custom-made crown
  4. Restoration placement

The first stage is the surgery when a maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist place the implant in the bone. This stage has an initial cost of $18,000 MXN.*

The second stage involves connecting the abutment to support the prosthesis (a screwed dental crown). Usually, placing a crown on the implant needs from 3 to 6 months. Still, the implant can be loaded with a temporary tooth immediately in some cases.

Q: How many visits would you need to have this work done?
A: The single implant placement requires 3 visitations: the first consultation, the surgery appointment, and the revision appointment.
Q: How long would you need in town?
A: We perform the surgical phase in a week for treatments that require single implants. (Even if you need 2,3,4 or 5, we will rehabilitate them individually.)

For the prosthetic phase, we require from 7 to 10 days.

All-on-4 treatment procedure

Let’s review the process to anchor a full denture to the jaw:

  1. Extraction of remaining teeth
  2. Position of bone grafts if needed
  3. Placing of a temporary denture (includes all the abutments)
  4. Permanent denture. 

Your surgeon will prepare four implants to support the denture. The first stage starts from $105,000.00 MXN*, and it includes the cost of the immediate denture to anchor on the implants (if it’s possible for your specific case).

A few months later (3-6), your surgeon will be able to perform the permanent denture with the choice of fixed or removable.

Q: How many visits would you need to have this work done?
A: In the All-On-Four process, we require more than 4 visitations to make all the records and revisions.
Q: How long would you need in town?
A: For each of the phases we need from 10 to 15 days, both surgical and prosthetic stages.

Puerto Vallarta Dental Implants

Dr. Arturo Pereyra is a dental Surgeon trained in the use of modern digital tools and computer-aided systems.

When looking for a Puerto Vallarta dentist, we hope you consider our dental office. At Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta, we strive to be the best option for patients searching for medical tourism and dental implants in Mexico.

Dr. Arturo Pereyra, the leading dentist at our dental clinic, is qualified and updated on minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Arturo relies on conservative dentistry to reduce pain and conserve the bone, jaw, and gums.

Why choose Dr. Pereyra and his team?

  • You can find us in Plaza Marina, favorably located two driving minutes away from the airport. While we do not have plans including lodging, there are several affordable hotels just across the street, with prices starting from $800 MXN pesos per person per night.*
  • The fabrication of a crown is now faster with digital procedures. While we needed weeks to fabricate these pieces in the past, now we can have them on the same day, reducing the time you need to stay in town or leaving you with more time to explore.
  • We trust Straumann® for our implants and arches. We prefer them for their material’s high resistance, endurance, and lasting properties. Using this brand helps us in our goals to achieve highly aesthetic and natural results while ensuring the conservation of the health of the tissues.
  • More on getting your Puerto Vallarta dental implants

Dental Tourism savings

Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta is a top dental clinic with innovative technology and a knowledgeable, warm team. Considering our traveling patients, we offer a 10% discount for the surgical stage, valid for appointments 60 days in advance. A rough cost for a single implant would be $16,200 MXN with the deal, and we require a 50% nonrefundable deposit. Contact us if you have any questions regarding getting dental implants in Mexico. We want to see you smile!

Important notice

Estimated costs for the surgical stage in our dental clinic. For single implants, this initial cost does not include the positioning of bone grafts. Procedure pricing based on 2021 current costs and shown for example purposes. The final cost of treatment may vary from patient to patient. The prices are in Mexican pesos. For a different currency, we’ll use the exchange value.

We based the lodging prices on a research for dates in September. Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta is not responsible for the example price, which only pretends to give an idea of the expense. We encourage you to do your research and explore various travel agencies and hotels.

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