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Why choose Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta for your dental implants?

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Why choose Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta for your dental implants?

Welcome to your best option for dental implants in Puerto Vallarta.

Previously, we discussed everything you need to know about implant procedures in our country. We have also written about our recommendations for choosing a dentist in Puerto Vallarta, giving an introduction to the characteristics of our office. 

Today, we want to share the benefits of having your restorations made at Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta

Destination: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta is located in the beautiful beach city of Puerto Vallarta. Since you require several days in town, traveling to have your implants allows you to discover a beach and jungle destination. After the procedure, your body will require your commitment to avoid the pool, sun, drinks, and everything fun. However, the weather will be incredible! You will be glad to make all the visits required for each part of the process. Not to mention the savings compared to having your teeth treated back home.


Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta is inside the Mall Plaza Marina, a 5-minute car ride away from the airport, with several hotel options nearby. Some are available from 50 dollars per night, or even some high-end options for those who prefer comfort and luxury amenities.

If you decide to stay in the hotel zone or downtown, you would be 20 to 30 minutes away.

See the map here.

The Office

Something our patients agree on is that the office is clean and modern.

Our clinic has everything our surgeon and dentist need to perform your implant surgery. From the X-rays and digital scans to the computer-aided system to design and fabricate same-day crowns.

We have A/C for your comfort. Please, consider that it will be a little chillier than the weather outdoors and that flip-flops and tank tops might not be the most convenient outfit for your consultation. More tips to prepare for your appointment.

The materials: quality implants

We choose the most durable materials for your dental pieces. The same quality you would find at any good dentist back home.

Reputation: top Puerto Vallarta implants

Our patients mention their five-star experiences during their visit to our office, the dental services, and follow-up. You can read them yourself on our website, Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook.

The feedback has helped us identify opportunities in our first contact process, giving you options to contact us on our website and clarifying our response time. 

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you listen to our indications and go to your follow-up consultations, you have a guarantee for a year, if required.

Expert implants staff

Dr. Arturo Pereyra, the leading dentist, is an expert in cosmetic dentistry and rehabilitation. He graduated as a dental surgeon at the Universidad de Guadalajara. The doctor has trained in conservative procedures and techniques, intending to save as many teeth, gums, and bone structures as possible. He recently finished a Certificate Course in Oral Implantology, which has helped him improve his processes and learn from top odontologists and implantologists in Mexico.

Dr. Arturo collaborates with Dr. Carlos Zarazua, a certified oral surgeon and a maxillofacial specialist from Guadalajara with more than ten years of experience. Dr. Carlos is a part of the Mexican Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is certified by the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Boards. Plus, Dr. Carlos is a professor in a Postgraduate Course in Dentistry at the University of Guadalajara.

Other essential members of the team are Dr. Dania Plácito, our manager Ivonne Guerrero, and the dental assistants and receptionist. Their work helps us to provide a better patient experience. More information about our team.

Choose Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta for your dental implants. Request an appointment today!