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Puerto Vallarta dentistry: your reviews matter!

To find your dentist, checking their reputation is essential. You will start reading reviews and later sharing your experience too.

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Puerto Vallarta dentistry: your reviews matter!

We talked in our article that to find your Puerto Vallarta dentist, checking their reputation is an essential step. The office’s digital presence will help you along your journey. Depending on the phase, you’ll be on one or the other side, first reading reviews, and after having your treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to add information.

Discovery: reading reviews

If you live in the United States and Canada and want to explore the dental tourism concept, you’ll have to travel to meet your dentist. Digital opinions are crucial to learning more about your future dentist. Unlike having your teeth treated back at home, where you can ask your friends and neighbors who they visit.

Of course, you can always exchange a couple of emails and phone calls first, but learning from a patient will be helpful. Then, motivated by what you read, you can decide what to ask when reaching the clinic.

When you read reviews, analyze what they are trying to communicate. Positive reviews usually repeat the qualities that differentiate a business from another. Less than 5-star reviews often display opportunities to improve.

Feedback: rating the service

After choosing your dentistry professional, it’s time to give back. Think of the readers who are now investigating where to get treated as you did before. Write an opinion! We know not all of us have the same ability to speak our minds or write about it. We recommend you be honest and share everything you think might be helpful. Here we provide a small idea of how to elaborate on your review.

Consider this information:

  • What treatment did you have?
  • Why did you decide to do it in Mexico?
  • Did the visit meet your expectations? 
  • What made you feel comfortable?
  • Other information you would have liked to know in advance

The platforms often offer their recommendations on what you can share. Their policies are similar as they want to prevent these main issues: the review must tell about your own experience and reflect your visit to a physical location to receive a service. Reviews must be trustworthy and polite, and there should not be a conflict of interest or coercion from the competition. Remember: Your five-star opinion helps others choose better. 

But, you may ask: what if I was not fully satisfied or didn’t enjoy something? We know that leaving feedback and expressing your concern is necessary. Our recommendation is to first approach the people in the office. To speak at the moment enhances how the business can address your worries. They could handle any inconveniences, even surprise you and improve your perception! If it doesn’t work, make a fair evaluation to leave a rating.

Well-reviewed dentist in Puerto Vallarta

Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta is a dental office with a remarkable reputation. We have a healthy mix of opinions with 4.7/5 on Google. 5/5 on Dental Departures. And five stars on Facebook and Yelp too. 

The top keywords that represent our office:

“crowns” reflects the satisfaction of our patients with our high-tech same-day crowns.

“price” users mention it because of the savings from visiting us rather than having the treatment back home.

“English” our staff is bilingual. Dr. Arturo speaks fluent English!

“smile” our patients feel more confident showing their smiles.

“veneers” we have options for extreme makeovers and same-day veneers.

Here are some Google Opinions as an example of dentist reviews:

Travis Wade

Awesome experience! Dr. Arturo made sure everything was done correctly, He was very professional and this was the best dental experience I have had. He put in 2 crowns and removed my amalgam fillings and replaced them with good ones. 

Kim Page

The work Dr. Pereyra did for me: a very nice natural-looking smile! In addition, Dr. Pereyra also did 2 implants for me and a bridge as well. Dr. Pereyra has a very pleasant manner, he speaks fluent English (as well as Spanish), extremely professional, he took extra care to ensure my implants were successful and explained everything as he went. Yes, I would recommend Dr. Pereyra without reservation!

Read more reviews in our Google profile to get inspiration.