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Cosmetic dentistry in Puerto Vallarta

Cosmetic dentistry is an ally to improving your facial appearance and self-esteem.

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Cosmetic dentistry in Puerto Vallarta

Cosmetic dentistry is an ally to improving your facial appearance and self-esteem. Whether you have damaged teeth or want to look your best, this branch of dental care has benefits you can enjoy, considering your oral health too.

Early Teeth improvements

In the history of humanity, early civilizations have worn fake teeth to look better, from donor’s teeth or made from materials like gold, animal bones, and ivory to shells. The first porcelain dentures were invented around 1770. Then in the 1850s, cheaper lab-created teeth appeared. 

During the late 1900s, the standard cosmetic dentistry practices were bleaching, veneers, implants, and crowns. Some believe the true beginning of cosmetic dentistry was in the 1980s with the invention of resin cement.

Cosmetic dentistry in the present

Although beauty is in the eye of the observer, you can look for a more harmonic smile: having all of your teeth, a clean appearance or clear-looking even colors on your dental pieces, aligned teeth, and smooth superficies over the tooth. These results are achievable in the modern age relying on one or several processes.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Your dentist will have in mind functionality and your quality of life as well.

Braces and invisible aligners are solutions in some cases, although their purpose is mainly to help the patient chew, talk, and have good jaw health.

High-tech dental solutions

We understand dental anxiety might be a turndown for those who have thought of having a teeth makeover. However, technology-aided techniques have reduced the discomfort that more traditional ways produce.

Zoom Whitening provides less heat exposure than regular whitening, has better results, and its bleaching agent also protects your enamel.

Digital Dentistry is one of the fastest ways of producing dental pieces. It is also a more comfortable way of obtaining the impressions since it uses an intraoral scanner that takes “photos” of your mouth, better than the paste that tastes funny.

Best cosmetic dentistry in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico is a well-known destination for dental services. If you are looking for a dentist in Puerto Vallarta, you must visit Dr. Arturo Pereyra. He is a detail-oriented professional focused on aesthetic results. Besides having outstanding dentistry skills, he also possesses artistic talent. 

Dr. Arturo relies on technological advances and continuously trains on modern techniques of conservative dentistry to preserve the teeth structure as possible. His designs are pretty, functional, and look natural.

Another benefit is that by having your cosmetic dentistry treatments in Mexico, you can get more value for your money than doing the services back at home in the United States or Canada.

Our patients have left 5-star reviews on Google, some stating they feel like celebrities due to our remarkable work at Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta.

Kris Tamoni

Dr. Pereyra did a really great job with my veneers/crown! Now I can smile with confidence without paying a fortune! His rates are definitely very cheap compared to the US but the quality is very good! Dr. Pereyra is very skillful as the procedure was painless, also he was very communicative about what he was doing. His clinic is very clean and neat as well as its equipment. The staff in their clinic are also very nice and friendly. I highly recommend this place!

Patrice C

I was warmly greeted by Dr. Arturo Pereyra at his dental clinic and taken on time. Prior to my whitening service, I asked the doctor to check my bite from a new crown, recently installed by a different dentist. He was able to quickly correct my bite, to reduce sensitivity. As for the whitening service, I am very pleased with the results. Very clean space, with modern equipment. I highly recommend Dr. Pereyra and his practice! 

Jen Snukal

Thank you Doctor Arturo for the most amazing and professional experience! I have had dental work done by the most renowned Dentists in Beverly Hills and Dr. Arturo by far surpasses them. I had Veneers and whitening done and my smile looks better than any movie star!! His office is equipped with the most advanced technology and his standards of cleanliness and sterilization are impeccable. I recommend everyone to take advantage of the “Best Dentist” in Puerto Vallarta!

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