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Dental Implants

Minimally invasive techniques and advanced technology to replace missing teeth

Dental implants are a reliable solution to restore your smile. We trained and constantly update on conservative dentistry techniques to reduce the pain, safeguarding the integrity of the bone, jaw, and gums.

Our surgeons will base the decision on what type of implant is better to restore a tooth, an edentulous arch, or a complete denture. The most common resources are a single dental implant, fixed bridges over teeth, or a removable denture.

Experienced team
Our maxillofacial surgeon performs as quickly and painlessly as possible.
World-class materials
We trust Straumann for our implants and arches.
Digital system
A more comfortable, accurate and faster process with same-day crowns available.
Replacement if required, after indications and follow-up on consultations

What to expect

Most frequently asked questions and recommendations about dental implants.

First appointment

Your doctor will revise your teeth. He will learn of your medical history and recommend the best process.


In this stage, the maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist place the implant in the bone. Even if you need more than two, we will rehabilitate them individually. For All on Four, your surgeon will prepare four implants to support the denture.

The second stage involves connecting the abutment to support the prosthesis, sometimes the implant can be loaded with a temporary tooth immediately.


The follow up to see how the mouth accepted the prosthesis.

Terms and conditions

  • The prosthetic phase for a single implant base price includes all the abutments and porcelain crowns, X-rays, and follow-up appointments.
  • All on 4 includes extractions, grafts, 4 implants, provisional dentures, and all attachments to load the immediate prosthesis and follow-up appointments.
  • Bone graft is included. Does not include sinus lifts.