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Read about our patients’ experiences and why some of them consider us the best dental clinic in Puerto Vallarta.

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I am super happy with his work and the outcome. Dr. Arturo is professional, proficient, considerate, punctual, and a delight to visit with. He has perfect English which helps as I know very little Spanish.

Dr. Arturo was very careful with his germ protocols which is important in these times. I was also very impressed with the care he took in making sure all the crowns fit precisely.

I love that he has the latest crown/inlay equipment. His skills are better than my dentist in the United State (and Dr. Arturo is significantly cheaper).

Dr. Arturo knew English perfectly and he didn’t make me feel ridiculous about the state of my teeth. He gave me HOPE. I am a panicky patient and his patience with me was absolutely angelic.

In January, 2020, I saw Dr. Arturo during a one week stay in Puerto Vallarta from the U.S. as my daughter had been seeing him for some time and flew in to have him finish her caps. He did wonders for her teeth repairing previous dental work done elsewhere.

Everyone has said it all about how wonderful Dr Pereyra. He has the best dental mannerisms you’ll ever need. He’s a gentle giant. About 6’4???. I love everything about his care and professionalism. The price is right and the office is immaculate.

His innovation and investment into his new scan system and machine that makes the crown are unlike anything you can imagine. Instead of having a mold and then sent to lab and wait to get back, you can now go in on one day, and the next day you are done.

I came from Oregon and was experiencing severe pain due to a much needed root canal. The doctors here were compassionate and took care of all my needs and made me feel like I was a top priority.

Dr. Arturo with a couple of happy patients

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