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What does a dentist do?

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What does a dentist do?

Dentists are oral health providers, and while the most common problem that comes to our mind is teeth-related ailments, there are many situations in which one could consider consulting a dentist.

What can a dentist treat?

A dentist is a professional health provider that takes care of all the elements in the jaw structure: teeth, gums, articulations, nerves, and muscles. They can diagnose and treat diseases in this area and advise the patients to improve oral health and prevent them. 

Dentists’ labor

A dentist’s work goes from encouraging patients to adopt oral hygiene habits to reviewing the oral cavity. Dentists can collaborate with otorhinolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, and neurologists. They assist multidisciplinary teams for patients with problems related to their nose, ear, throat, and head when the diseases affect the mucous membrane, blood vessels, the human mandible, and other facial organs.

The top dentist’s tasks are:

  • Teach correct brushing techniques and perform professional in-office cleanings 
  • Attend routine consultations to provide mouth maintenance
  • Analyze teeth, gums, and tissues to look for cavities, injuries, or diseases and offer personalized treatment
  • Perform diagnostic tests such as X-rays or 3D scan
  • Restore and replace missing, broken, or damaged dental pieces
  • Offer aesthetic procedures like teeth whitening or veneers
  • Measure and fabricate dental appliances (prosthetics, mouthguards)
  • Correct abnormal position in the teeth and or jaw
  • Refer patients to other specialties or branches of dentistry if needed

When should I visit the dentist?

Good oral health influences your quality of life quality. You should visit at least once a year for a routine examination and dental cleaning to prevent systemic diseases and other conditions.

Although it is a popular recommendation, some wait until the problem is unbearable. Listen to the signals, recognize tooth pain, and attend to emergencies. Some symptoms are gum pain, bleeding or inflammation, bad breath, mouth sores and ulcers.

At Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta, we are ready to help you if you are experiencing any of these situations. If you want to check your oral health, our experts will assist and care for you!